Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remember when they were oh-so-condescending in the Clinton years?

(via Drudge): The march on Berlusconi.

Apparently they have a leader with the same problem of  keeping their ego...and other regions...out of the spotlight, so to speak, as the U.S. did during the 90's. 

As I recall, the legacy media narrative at the time was that 1) those women were just trailer trash, so 2) they certainly weren't that important, and 3) anyway, lying about things like rape or sexual harassment under oath just shouldn't rise to the level of criminality, if the perpetrator was a liberal politician in power. 

I also recall that most of Europe was amused that many people in the U.S. would not overlook the lapse of ethics and decorum--and law--that would have gotten anyone else fired in a heartbeat. The idea of a politician being subject to the same laws as everyone else was the stuff of satire and open derision.

Seems like times have changed in ol' Italy.

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