Tuesday, October 26, 2010

...and some other voting shenanigans:

I've noticed a pattern here...let's see, don't tell me...Oh, that's it!  Virtually EVERY case of potential voter fraud that I've seen in the last two elections all favor the same party!  How did that happen? There's this:

Then there is this:

For more detail, read this: (read the whole thing)

Actually, this site pretty well sums up the whole situation to date (including a serendipitous article title--honest, I didn't steal it!) (H/T: Conservative Hideout 2.0.com)

And who can forget the whole widespread and institutional ACORN voter fraud nonsense from two years ago?

Now, given the slant of the legacy media, you just know that if there were ANY examples of Republican voter fraud, it would be in two inch headlines everywhere, 24-7.  So far, all I hear are the crickets chirping...

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