Sunday, November 14, 2010

Charlie Rangel steps in it yet again!

This guy is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the old DC political landscape.  The question of the day is, how long will his CBC membership provide him with a get-out-of-jail-free card? 

The question for the rest of the week is: What sort of loathsome character can be so completely devoid of conscience that they can intentionally foster racial discord--just to deflect scrutiny of their own sneaky deals and hang on to their misgotten wealth and power?

Oh, I mean, besides Eddie Bernice Johnson.  or Maxine Waters --or, from exactly one year ago, Bill Jefferson. (Remember him? the guy with something like 90 thousand dollars stuffed into his freezer?)

I think that these folks intend to get away with their misdeeds from the get-go by claiming racism where there is none and then taking advantage of the chastened liberals of the politically-correct media.

I also believe that most Americans couldn't care less what color these folks are, they just are able to recognize right from wrong, and want their elected officials to possess the same ability.

The framework woven from morals and ethics which circumscribes our actions in society should be the same size for all, regardless of the color of ones' skin or the size of their bank account or number of elections they've won. I think most folks recognize that fact, but these congressmen (and women) try to bully average citizens into acceptance of their crimes by threatening bogus indictments of racism.

The last election was a good start at the house cleaning.  We'll get more done in 2012, if we keep remembering what all of the perps have been doing--be they black, brown, white, yellow, or green.

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