Thursday, December 30, 2010

How did all that happen?

Victor David Hanson's column at Pajamasmedia is worth reading twice.  How did all this happen, indeed?

My answer is this:  Decades of utter corruption of the media by the left.  That corruption is the root cause of almost all of the battles we center-right folks have been fighting for decades--cultural, political, social, environmental, et cetera--and the reason that they ARE battles, and not just mildly interesting, esoteric discussions. 

For years the legacy Big Media has consistently and continuously refused to do its job (investigate and report) and instead has inserted its own agenda into the job description formerly occupied by ethical ideals.  Their new mission statement apparently reads as follows:
"Sell a particular progressive/liberal/leftist worldview to the unwashed, unsophisticated Untermenschen, at all costs.  Selectively publish facts, supress contrary whatever you have to do, even make up the facts if you have to, just as long as one side (ours) gets a better face than the other side (theirs)." 

(Um, by the way, in case you were wondering: WE are the Untermenschen--that is, any conservative, including myself; most folks in the United States, and particularly anyone who has not matriculated from a sufficiently elitist university, or who doesn't know which fork to use for their goose-liver pâté. )

Solving societies self-induced problems would be much easier if we had an honest free press, by which I mean one that is as devoid of ideology as would be possible, or at least one where reporters would admit the direction their stories are slanted, and why, and acknowledge that their ideology often intrudes on the storyline. 

Until journalists embrace the ethics that they so often quote in public but refuse to abide by in secret, we're going to have an uphill fight.

Update:  a related article here.

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