Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Single, $48 BILLION Dollar Earmark in the New Omnibus Spending Bill!

Most folks that will see this post will have already seen Drudge,  so this probably isn't news to you...but just in case, here is the unbelievable story:  "Redistribution On Steroids".

It's just this level of over the top hubris--the unabashed, rigid-middle-digit-extension to the taxpayers, the producers, the folks that are making our economy continue to function against all odds--that will initiate the pitchfork and torch mobs these numbskulls are always warning about when those little people out in flyover country start to get unruly.

After all the rancor they've elicited in the past two years (remember the town hall meetings of August '09?), these congressional reprobates STILL don't get it.  Either that, or they just don't care.  They'll do anything to accomplish their ideological goals in order to consolidate power in the future.  Let's be perfectly clear here:  is there anyone out there who believes that this is anything but an attempt to build a beholden voting block? 

All summer long, the Harry Reid-led senate kicked the budget can down the road, and I believe it was just for this reason:  to produce a self-induced time crunch at the end, wherein they could spring yet another ponderous 1900-plus page bill, too long for most folks (and more particularly, the republican opposition) to digest.  Sounds kind of familiar, in an Obamacare kind of way, doesn't it? 

Their gluttonous quest for power  has once again trumped any sense of responsibility.  The same individuals who daily scream out against the war are now actively, gleefully engaging in the unbridled promotion of the basest sort of class warfare that has been tearing the country apart since the '60s, and all for their own benefit.

This is the sneaky, underhanded behavior that you would expect from a gang of juvenile delinquents trying to con their folks out of a weekend with the family car.  America deserves better--much better.

I can only hope that, barring defeat of this monstrosity, parts of it can be repealed quickly, once this Democratic run lame duck congress is put out of its (and our) misery.  

I am disgusted beyond any further words.

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