Sunday, March 27, 2011

England's Socialist-Anarchist Problems

The Human Right To Suspend Reality, as Mark Steyn puts it. The best line I've heard about these layabouts in revolt:

"Nobody in the Socialist Workers’ Party actually works, which is one reason why it’s Mitteleuropeans frothing your coffee rather than any of the natives."

Which to me seems to be all too true:  the folks that are bitching the loudest about not getting their handouts are the ones that don't actually need handouts. It seems like the proletariats are not actually the ones stirring controversy; it's the bourgeoisie feeling smug enough to tell everybody else what they ought to be doing, thinking, or getting, at everyone elses' expense. Once again, the proletariats end up being pawns to ease the guilt of the loud-mouthed punks raising mayhem for purposes that are muddled at best, and shockingly dangerous to freedom, democracy, and individual rights in a just civilization.

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