Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion Tips For That Cosmopolitan Burka-Babe Jihadist

For the "You're not going to believe this" category: A fashion magazine--for suicide bomber chicks.

No, honest, it's not a parody.  In the Daily Mail online, this story (via Barcepundit). Because, you know, a girl needs to look her best before she paints the town red--er, literally. I mean, what lip gloss shade goes best with intestinal grey? That is apparently a weighty question for these hirsute hotties.

These are the folks we're fighting against.  If they can keep their people religiously oppressed long enough to make them miserable, then turning them into your personal army of suicide zombies by promising a paradise won't be that hard.  This is stone-age brutality attempting to control the 21st century. In their eyes, you don't belong in it if you believe in freedom or liberty or justice of any sort.

How can we NOT fight against that?

On a side note:  Have you ever noticed that Bin Laden hasn't personally stepped up to the plate and detonated his TNT cummerbund in a crowd of kids yet? Or Ahmadinejad?  Or Qaddafi?

Why bother when Palestinian chicks are so willing and available?


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