Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chicago Politician Embraces Unethical Fundraising Again, State-Run Media Yawns

If you can't guess which one, think: Who is the most ideologically dishonest public persona to call the Windy City home since his erstwhile buddy--that crazy, loveable, homicidal-bomber-turned-professor, Bill Ayers?

I'll give you another hint: He wrote a book that should have been titled "The Mendacity of Hype" but sadly wasn't (although the actual title rhymes nicely with my alternate title).

Give up? Follow this link at Powerline for the story that, according to State-Run news outlets isn't a story. After all, it wasn't a story when he did this in 2008, so move along. Nothing to see here.

It's not like foreign bodies that might want to influence U.S. policies--like, oh, say, Russia, China, Iran, Korea, or organized crime could be easily and anonymously contributing to a U.S. presidential candidate's campaign--er, is it?

Apparently the legacy State-Run Media is okay looking the other way when it comes to dishonest, fraudulent,and potentially national security threatening fund raising practices when their chosen candidate's success is at stake.  But can you imagine the uproarious two-inch high headlines in the New York Times, or Brian Williams hyperventilating on camera at NBC if, say, President Bush had done this in the 2004 campaign (or any other Republican in any other election ever, for that matter)? 

Since the truth might endanger the re-election of their chosen Messiah, these "journalists" must all avert their eyes and bow in reverence & awe at his wise manipulation of the credulity of his subjects. 

Thus it falls to real folks like Scott Johnson to do the reporter's' jobs, to do the real research & the real journalism to get the word out to other real folks--the ones that care about things like the rule of law and illegal influence from foreign contributions that could damage national policy & security. 

Meanwhile the pseudojournalists of the State Run Media sit on their hands and hope that the truth doesn't get out.

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