Friday, May 25, 2012

Domestic Terrorism, American Fascism, & Brett Kimberlin

I learned about the existence of Brett Kimberlin for the first time last week, and what I read make my blood run cold, first with anger, then with disgust.

There have been many instances over the past that I've had to correct some of my liberal friends when they've misused the definition of Fascism.  Usually they attempt to attribute that moniker to the Tea Party followers (as if shrinking the size of government could somehow be construed as fascist). Of course, they don't know any better, since they've been marinating in misinformation put forth by sub-par public education and an openly fraudulent media.

But if there ever was a definitive American fascist, I think Brett Kimberlin would fit the bill to a "T". And the ironic part is the embracing of him by the left.

Kimberlin is a multiply convicted felon who was responsible for the "Speedway Bombings", which authorities in Speedway Indiana suspect were done to cover up for a murder (the murder case was dropped when the main witness died).  The bombings resulted in multiple injuries of innocents--in  one case injuries so severe they caused the victim to commit suicide.

Nice guy, right? It gets worse.

After having his sentence (incredibly) reduced, and after other convictions of drug trafficking, and impersonating a federal officer, he eventually came out and re-introduced himself to the world as the director of at least two leftist 501(c)3 operations, thereby gaining entrance into the heady world of the limousine liberals. 

According to blogger Stacy McCain, who has done research on this criminal and as a result is now in hiding (yes, really), Kimberlin has been financed by the Tides Foundation (an ultra-liberal outfit by anybodies measure) to the tune of $100,000, and none other than Barbara Streisand ($10,000) and Teresa Heinz-Kerry ($30,000).

Now he's been terrorizing bloggers who have the temerity to point out his past.

(To be continued...)

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